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Miniature House with Tulips Delft
Canal Houses - These slim and high houses are a typical sight in Amsterdam.  
Ceramic Plate Magnet Color
Delftware - Commonly known as Delft Blue, this popular blue and white pottery originated from the city of Delft. Very popular since the 16th century.
 Delft Blue Kitchen Spoon Rest 3-D Tulip
Tulips - Flower bulb cultivation in Holland is an important economic activity. If you visit Amsterdam in January don't miss the special garden made for National Tulip Day (Nationale Tulpendag) in which more than 200,000 tulips cover the Dam Square. 
Dutch Party Favor Windmill & Kissing Couple
Windmills - Holland is famous for its many windmills and you can get great pictures near some of the 1,200 windmills that still survive today.
Red Authentic Dutch Wooden Shoes
Wooden Shoes - Also know as Klomplen this protective footwear is still used in Holland in agriculture and in many small villages. You can get some real clogs on our website or if you so prefer get some comfortable Clog Slippers.